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I got stuck inside one of the checkpoints in the top left zone and then returned to a black screen like another reviewer said.

NicedenGames responds:

Hey ! I'm sorry this happened to you. I think there's some issues with the built-in saving system of Construct. I removed it for now (you'll start over if you close/refresh the Newgrounds's page) If you want to play it again, everything should work correctly !

Have a nice day :)

In the US (and many others according to Wikipedia), we're taught that there are 7 continents, including North America and South America. I assume the dev lives in a country where they merge North and South America into a single continent. So different perspectives lead to different answers, although I'll say that the 51 state question is wrong no matter where you live.

Munguia responds:

the 7 continents is a totally USA thing, im from Central America, the central part of America, not Central America the north part of South America. The "51st state", in post-1959 American political discourse, is a phrase that refers to areas or locales that are – seriously or facetiously – considered candidates for U.S. statehood, joining the 50 states that presently compose the United States. The phrase has been applied to external territories as well as parts of existing states which would be admitted as separate states in their own right.

It's a platformer for sure, but there doesn't seem to be much puzzle. Most levels are easy or linear and can be completed without much thought.

There's a slight variance in the jump height, which is a problem when playing the later levels that require very precise jumps.

almostnot responds:

Hey man, thanks for playing the game.

Jump height should depend on how long you press the up arrow for. If you hold it you'll jump higher etc. There's also a slight element of momentum, not from running but especially from the wall jumps.

Hope that helps! :D

About that All Items medal:
In the level designer, there's a weapon called "frozen tome". It's the only item in the level designer that I haven't found in the normal game, so maybe that's the missing item for the medal?

You have a bug that causes some levels to start with moves already done.

How about you make your own games rather than stealing Ludum Dare entires? This game was originally created by Dana Gallant (NG name colorvade) for LD27.

Well that ending was unexpected :o

I think the game would be better without that timer.

ToadieTechnika responds:

I've planned to make a sequel of this so... I don't know if your suggestion will push through but it's one thing that I can say that the game will be challenging but I'll think of it. Thanks though :D

Don't ever use video ads as interlevel ads.

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